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AB 5 axis waterjet cutting head

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The EX5X-AB five-axis water cutting system is a solution for EAAK's high-quality ceramics, stone-decoration industry, and the non-ferrous metal vertical precision cutting industry. By changing the inclination angle of the cutting head in the horizontal and vertical directions at the same time, the arbitrary angle control of the cutting head can be realized, and the maximum inclination angle is 8 degrees, and the angle can be finely adjusted according to different requirements to realize precise cutting of various materials.
water jet cutting machine,5 axis waterjet cutter
Feature of AB 5 axis water jet cutting head
1 Using the AB axis structure, the CNC five-axis linkage is realized.
2 It adopts imported reducer, few parts, simple and beautiful structure, easy to understand, easy to learn and easy to maintain.
3 The use of Yaskawa servo motor effectively improves the accuracy of cutting and control.
4 Without the use of rotary joints, the number of wearing parts is greatly reduced, and the user's use cost is reduced.
5 The integrated dustproof sealing structure improves the service life of the equipment.
6 Original imported linear guide and screw lifting structure make the whole cutter head more stable and reliable.
Advantage of EAAK 5 axis waterjet cutting head
1 The cutting angle of the cutter head is inclined at any angle, which eliminates the phenomenon that the surface is small and large. The front tile gap required for the stone mosaic is smaller, and the tile can be directly tiled without grinding, which effectively reduces the production cost.
Make complex graphics more detailed and beautiful, and make complex graphics simpler.
3 There is no pause in turning, no turning dots, which makes the cutting speed faster, and the uneven surface does not affect the collage.
4 The inclination angle is automatically adjusted with the change of the pattern during the cutting process, and the cutting effect is perfect.

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