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Application of water jet cutting in field of composite material

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As we all know,the development of materials can promote the progress of processing technology and equipment.On the contrary, the backwardness of processing technology and equipment will also hinder the development of materials.The cutting industry has proved this very well. However,after the emergence of CNC waterjet,this contradiction between materials and technology has been well resolved.Processing composite materials is a good example!
Composite materials are a class of new materials with great vitality emerging from the development of modern science and technology.It is composed of two or more materials with different properties,through physical or chemical methods,to form materials with new properties at the macro (micro) level.
Not only does the composite material have a non-uniform composite structure,but the thermal melting points of the materials in the composite layer are also inconsistent,so it is not appropriate to use a thermal cutting process.The traditional processing methods are prone to two types of defects: one is incision damage,that is,incision layering, tearing,burrs,and wire drawing occur near the edge of the incision;the other is interlayer layering,which occurs between the composite material layer and the layer.Separation, loosens the internal structure of the component,and reduces the strength of the component.Although laser can be used to cut some composite materials,if laser cutting is used, the fibers in the heat-affected zone will be debonded,the material will appear coking and thermal cracking,the width of the cut will be uneven,and a carbonized layer will be formed on the cutting end surface,which will damage the composite material.Plasma cutting will not be able to cut ceramic materials,causing local damage to the material and reducing performance.But water cutting can solve these problems perfectly.
Because ultra-high pressure water jet cutting is a soft-body jet cold cutting, there is no thermal reaction that will cause the material to scorch or thermally crack;the cutting head is suspended on the surface of the workpiece during cutting,and it also avoids contact with the material and damages the material.For soft matrix composite materials such as plastic, rayon, etc., it can be cut with pure water.For metal and non-metal composite materials such as hard matrix,you can choose to add sand cutting method.The so-called sand cutting is to add a certain proportion of garnet abrasive in the ultra-high pressure water jet to form a water grind cut.In this way,both the metal part and the non-metal part in the composite material can be cut during cutting,and the cutting section is smooth and undamaged.

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