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How to choose the numerical control working platform and high pressure system of water cutting equipment?

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In the actual operation process, the conditions are different, that is to say, due to different working conditions, the corresponding parameters required for the corresponding water cutting are also different. This also makes it difficult to assemble water-jet cutting equipment, whether it is a CNC operating platform or a high-pressure system, it must match the environment.
First of all, the numerical control working platform for water cutting equipment, there are two choices in this respect, one cantilever type numerical control working platform, and the other is gantry type numerical control working platform, each of which has its own characteristics. The former's motion mechanism and cutting platform are separate and have no effect on each other; the latter is just the opposite.
Therefore, in the actual selection process, it depends on the size of the material to be cut by the water cutting device. The cantilever type CNC cutting platform is more suitable for the case where the material size is irregular and the loading and unloading mode is not fixed.
Secondly, the high pressure system of the high pressure cnc waterjet cutting machine equipment, this aspect is also closely related to the material to be cut. The variety, thickness, cutting surface quality and cutting speed requirements of the material will determine which water cutting equipment should be configured. High pressure system.
For example, if it is a high-voltage system of 300 MPa, it can be used for the cutting of hard materials with a thickness of less than 30 mm. However, if the material is relatively hard, a high-pressure system of 380 MPa must be used. It has advantages in terms of cutting ability, cutting surface quality, cutting speed and the like.
In addition, other optional items for water cutting equipment, such as soft water treatment, automatic sand feeding system, etc., are equally important for the cutting effect of water cutting equipment and cannot be ignored.

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