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What's the price of China cnc water jet cutting machine?

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The waterjet cutting machine is widely used in many industries such as glass furniture,stone mosaic,ceramic products and metal cutting industries.And now China is already an very important part of global supply chain especially in industry machinery.So what is the price of Chinese waterjet machine and does it have good cost performance?The answer is "yes".
Just like EAAK machinery in China,all key important parts of waterjet cutter adopts world famous brand such as Germany KMT,Japan Yaskawa,Omron,Hiwin,France Schneider and so on.So we can completely trust the waterjet machine in China.Compare to USA,Italy brands,Chinese water jet machine with lower price which can save at least 30%-40% cost.For example,EAAK 1000*2000mm size waterjet cutters promotion price is less than USD25000.

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